Eligibility for Learner Course Roster Submission & Passing Post-Test Requirements

A Learner Course completion card will be provided when the following conditions are met:

  1. The S.T.A.B.L.E. Learner course is taught by a registered Lead instructor or combination of registered Lead and Support instructors.
  2. The instructor teaches the full 8 to 9-hour Learner course using an approved edition of the program.
    1. The 5th edition Program materials (© 2006) were retired on October 1, 2013.
    2. Presentation times vary depending upon breaks allowed and the course does not have to be presented all in the same day.
  3. The Learner participant must attend the entire course and complete all modules.
  4. If teaching with the 6th edition (© 2013) slide program, the students must utilize the 6th edition (© 2013) manual during the course. This does not mean that the student must own their own manual, but a manual must be provided to each student to use as a resource throughout the course.
  5. The student must complete all 32 quiz questions and must pass the Mixed Module post-test (8 questions).
    1. S.T.A.B.L.E. reserves the right to request copies of the student’s completed post-assessment answer sheets. Therefore, the Instructor who submits the student roster must keep the student’s answer sheets in their possession for at least three years following a Learner Course presentation.
  6. Pre-testing is not mandatory, but strongly recommended for participant evaluation.

Passing Scores on the 8-Item Edition 6 Mixed Module Post-Test Questions – for use with the 6th edition (© 2013) Program

The 8 mixed module questions should be administered at the end of the Lab work, Emotional Support, or Quality Improvement module. It is up to the Instructor to select the best time to administer the mixed module (final part) of the exam.

8 questions total; each question is worth 12.5 points
2 or fewer wrong (score ≥ 75%) Student passes the course
3 wrong (score = 62.5%)
4 wrong (score = 50%)
Instructor must review all incorrectly answered mixed module questions with the student and decide if the student comprehends the material sufficiently and should be passed. Upon review of the incorrectly answered questions, if satisfied the student comprehends the material, enter the re-test score on the roster (must be 2 or fewer wrong on re-testing to pass the course).
5 or more wrong (score ≤ 37.5%) Student is ineligible for retesting and must repeat the full-length learner course.
Re-testing ideally occurs at the course. If however, re-testing is not possible at the course, this must occur within ONE MONTH of the course date AND preferably before the roster is submitted. Once the roster has been submitted, re-testing scores can only be entered by the S.T.A.B.L.E. Program Roster Administrator.

Recording Quiz Scores on the Roster

  1. The module quiz must be administered after each module is completed. Three attempts to pass the quiz are allowed. Record all scores on the quiz recording sheet as these will need to be entered on the roster.
  2. If the quiz is not passed by the 3rd attempt, then record the non-passing quiz score (located next to Your Score) and then click on “Review Quiz” before proceeding to the next module. When you submit the roster, you must verify that you did review and explain all of the incorrectly answered quiz questions.
  3. If the students do not pass a quiz by the 3rd time, then the presenting instructor must be notified and the situation discussed. Possible reasons for non-passing of a quiz include:
    1. the material was not taught in enough depth,
    2. the material was taught inaccurately, or
    3. the students were novice and the material was too difficult for them. In this case, strongly consider re-teaching the module that was not passed by the third quiz.

The Renewal Cycle for a Renewal Course is every two years. Review Renewal Course Options for appropriate student candidacy for a full-length, versus short version renewal course. Learner Course completion cards are valid for two years from the course date.

If planning to prepare and register a Support Instructor, please review the Support Instructor Preparation instructions BEFORE you teach the Learner course that the instructor candidate will attend. During the course presentation, the Support Instructor must ‘follow along’ in the Instructor Manual. Please allow enough time to order, and receive, the Instructor Manual before the course date. Ideally the Instructor candidate reads the Instructor manual prior to the orientation Learner course.

6th Edition Roster Manager User’s Guide

Account Information
After editing your personal information, scroll to the bottom of the page and click “save changes”.

Change Password
We suggest that you change your password the first time you log into the system. Do so by clicking on “Change Password”. Enter a new password (at least 6 characters), then click on “Save”.

IMPORTANT: We do not know your password so protect it in a secure place. If you forget your password, please go to the Logon screen and click on “Forgot password” and a new password will be emailed to you.

To Enter a New Course Roster

Step 1: Either select Add New Course from the left-sided navigation screen or click on Course Info and then “add a new course” from the menu bar.

You will then arrive at this screen:

From the drop down menu, choose: 6th Edition (2013 materials). Then click Continue >>

NOTE: If you used the 5th Edition ©2006 materials for the course you are entering, please select that course edition from the drop down menu. Refer to the “5th Edition Materials” under “Rules and User’s Guide” for detailed instructions on how to enter a student roster for that version.

The heading “COURSES > Add a Roster” indicates where you are adding a new roster. The next two lines below that keep track of the course you are currently editing. Below this you’ll see a navigation bar with a set of tabs: My Account, Course Info, Instructors, Student Roster, Course Quiz Scores, and Submit. Note that the tab Course Info is highlighted along with links pertaining to Course Info. Below the navigation bar you will see a form for adding a new roster.

Step 2: Enter the Course Location and Information

Enter the following:
Course Type—select one of the following:

Full Length Learner (new first time students full length course)
Renewal Short (renewing students who qualify for the short course)
Physician Ed Short (New or renewing physician students – short course)
  1. Course Date—Choose a date from the drop down Calendar.
  2. Course Location—Name of the facility where course took place or will take place.
  3. Address—enter complete Address, City, State, Zip/Postal and Country. If the Course Location is the same as Lead Instructor Work Address then click the box next to “Click Here To Use Lead Instructor Address” – the system will automatically fill in address fields with Lead Instructor Work Address.
  4. Contact Information—Enter “Contact Name & Title at Facility Location”, “Contact’s Phone Number”, “Contact’s Department”, “Contact’s E-mail address.” If the Lead Instructor is the primary contact, click the box next to “Click Here To Use Lead Instructor’s contact info” – the system will automatically fill in contact fields with Lead Instructor contact information.
  5. Add any comments for your own reference or to the Roster Administrator in the “Comments” box (Optional).
  6. Click the “Add Course” button at the bottom of the screen to save your course.

You are now in the “Edit Location and Course Contact” screen for the course that you have added. You’ll see that the information at the top of the screen changed to reflect your new course:

Step 3: Enter Instructors

Begin building your roster by clicking on Instructors in the navigation bar. The bar should now look like this:

  1. Your name will appear as the “Submitting Lead Instructor”. Click on the sections of the course that you taught, click on “Save Changes”.
  2. If other instructors assisted in teaching the course, click on “add instructor to course” in the navigation bar.
  3. Type the Instructor’s last name in the “Last Name” field and click on the “Search” button, or you can use their instructor number.
  4. Click on the box next to the Instructor’s name, Click on “Save Changes” at the bottom of the screen. The instructor has been added to the Instructors participating in teaching this course.
  5. Click on the Modules taught by this instructor. Click on “Save Changes”.
  6. Repeat this for each instructor that assisted in teaching the course.

NOTE: To successfully submit a roster, ALL sections of the S.T.A.B.L.E. Course must be taught and checked off. Only one instructor may be credited with teaching a module. Up to six instructors may be credited with teaching the course (one instructor per module).

Step 4: Enter Students

Begin adding students by clicking on Student Roster in the navigation bar, which takes you to your Student Roster list (at this point it should be empty). The bar should now look like this:

  1. Click “add new student to roster”.
    The screen will then change to this:

  2. Enter “First Name”, “Last Name”, choose a “Primary Credential” from the dropdown list.
  3. Choose which type of student this is:
    New Student (first time attending a S.T.A.B.L.E. course)
    Renewing Student (renewing S.T.A.B.L.E. course completion)
    Orientation to Support (orienting to become a Support Instructor – refer to the “Support Instructor Preparation” for applicable rules.
  4. Enter the number of questions missed on the Pre-Test, Mixed Module Post-test and Re-test (if taken).Notes:
    1. Any number from 0 to 40 may be entered for the number of missed questions on the pre-test.
    2. Any number from 0 to 8 may be entered for the number of questions missed on the mixed module post-test.
    3. If a student did not have a passing mixed module post-test or re-test score, refer to the testing rules above.
    4. Test scores may be filled in each time a new student is entered OR after all students have been added, scores can also be entered from the View Student Roster page.
  5. Click on “Save > Add Next Student”.
  6. Repeat until all students have been added to the roster. After entering the last student’s information and test scores, click “Save > Complete“. You will now be on the COURSES > Student Roster Screen. You may review students and test scores at this time for any errors. Note: You may view the student roster at any time during the process by clicking on “view student roster” located on top tool bar.

Step 5: Enter Course Quiz Scores

As quizzes were administered, you recorded the “Your Score” percentage on your quiz recording sheet. Using the completed “6th Edition Quiz Recording Sheet for Instructors”, transfer quiz scores for each module. Each module must have a quiz score. For questions or if any quiz was not passed by the third time, refer to the Recording Quiz Scores on the Roster information above. In addition, if a non-passing quiz score is entered for the 3rd quiz administration, the submitting instructor must verify that ALL incorrectly answered questions were reviewed with the students prior to advancing to the next module.

Only “valid” quiz scores can be entered. That is why it is very important to record the quiz scores (next to Your Score) as you complete each quiz. A non-valid quiz score will receive this message:

Click “Save Changes”. The screen will then look like this:

Step 6: Submit Your Roster

If all required information has been added, you should be ready to submit the roster to the S.T.A.B.L.E Roster Administrator. Click on the Submit tab in the navigation bar. The screen should now look like this:

Before submitting the roster, click on Print Roster. This will allow you an opportunity to review the information that was entered and to make any necessary corrections. Please remember that the student names will appear on the learner completion cards EXACTLY as they have been entered into the student roster, i.e. capitalization, spelling, etc. If a change is necessary after the roster is submitted, notify the Roster Administrator by email for assistance.

This is an example of a roster printout:

When ready to submit the roster:

  1. Read the “Instructor Verification” then click on the box.
  2. Click “Submit This Course.”

Your roster is then evaluated for missing information or errors. You may receive an error message if:

  • You did not click on the “Instructor Verification” box.
  • All modules of the course were not taught and checked off.
  • There was a student(s) with missing re-test scores OR who did not have a passing post-test score.
  • Instructor(s) not credited with teaching one or more modules.

If you receive an error message, simply return to the pertinent section of your course to correct/add/edit the roster, then proceed to submitting the course roster.

If no errors are detected, you will receive a pop-up message “Are you sure you wish to submit this course?” If you agree, click “OK”

Once your roster was successfully submitted, you will receive the following message:

Once your roster is approved, you will be able to download a PDF of your learner course completion cards by logging into the on-line roster and browsing for the course that was submitted.