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Passing Scores on the 40-Item Post-Test Questions – for use with the 7th edition Program

The post-test questions should be administered and reviewed at the end of each module. 

40 questions total; each question is worth 2.5 points
8 or fewer wrong (score ≥ 80%) Student passes the course
9 (score = 77.5%)
12 (score = 70%) wrong
If the student scores 9 to 12 wrong, the student is eligible for re-testing. The Instructor must review all incorrectly answered post-test questions with the student and decide if the student comprehends the material sufficiently and should be passed. Upon review of the incorrectly answered questions, enter the number of questions the student still has wrong. To pass and receive a course completion card, the score must be 8 or fewer wrong (80%) on re-testing. Ideally, re-testing occurs at the course and preferably before the roster is submitted. If re-testing is not possible at the course, this should occur as close to the course date as possible. Once the roster has been submitted, re-testing scores can only be entered by the S.T.A.B.L.E. Program Roster Administrator.
13 or more wrong (score ≤ 67.5%) Student must repeat the full-length Learner course and achieve a minimum passing post-test score of ≥ 80%.