Preparing and Registering S.T.A.B.L.E. Support Instructors

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If a person is unable to attend an official National Instructor course, but they wish to assist with S.T.A.B.L.E. Learner course presentations, they may become registered as a Support instructor. To prepare colleagues for this role, an experienced, registered Lead instructor must follow the process outlined below.

Please read this document carefully, (well before the Orientation to Support Learner Course), so that registration of the new instructor may proceed without a problem.

Please note STEP 3 which requires the Support Instructor Candidate to follow along in an Instructor Manual while the course is being presented. Preferably the Support Instructor candidate will own their own Instructor Manual so that they may write in the manual during the “orientation to support” learner course presentation. At the time of registration, the Support Instructor candidate must verify that they did follow along in an Instructor manual during the “orientation to support” course.

STEP 1. Candidacy Requirement, Registered Lead Instructor Experience, Training Course

  1. Determine whether the person (“Support Instructor Candidate, hereinafter referred to as “Candidate”) has the NICU experience to correctly interpret and present the S.T.A.B.L.E. Program content. The Candidate must have at least one year (≥ 2000 hours) of recent – within five years – tertiary (level 2 or 3) neonatal intensive care unit or neonatal transport experience. If they do not meet this minimum requirement, they do not qualify to become registered as a Support Instructor.
  2. The Lead Instructor(s) or combination of Lead and Support Instructors who will ‘model’ the teaching of the Learner course must have prior experience teaching the course. See Instructor Team Experience below.
  3. Set up a full-length Learner course. This course will serve as the demonstration course for the new candidate(s), even if the candidate has previously attended a Learner course.

STEP 2. Pre- and Post- test / Mixed Module testing Requirements

  1. The Support Instructor Candidate MUST take the pre-test proctored (closed book and in a work environment, not at home) and without the assistance of the Learner or Instructor manual, or other resources while the test is being taken.6th edition Pre-Assessment Passing Score:
    If the Candidate scores 70% or higher on the 6th edition pre-assessment, they may continue with Orientation to Support Instructor.
    If the student scores lower than 70% (more than 12 questions wrong) then that person is not a candidate for Support instructor training. Please do not submit their name on a roster as Orienting to Support. Alternatively, they may proceed with earning a Learner course completion card if they meet the other Learner Course Rules criteria.
  2. Quizzes and Testing.
    By the conclusion of the Orientation to Support Learner course, the Candidate must have a completed Quiz Answer sheet (the first 32 questions) and they must also take the 6th Edition Mixed Module post-test and PASS on the first try.
    Mixed Module post-test (8 questions) passing scores:

    • The Candidate must score ≥ 75% (0, 1, or 2 questions wrong), on the first try.
    • If the Candidate scores 3 or more wrong on the mixed module test, they are no longer a Candidate for Support instructor.
    • In the event of a mixed module post-test score of 3 to 4 wrong, the student is eligible for re-testing under the Learner Course Rules (found in the on-line roster section of the website). Upon passing, they may then earn a Learner course completion card.

STEP 3. Once it is determined that the Candidate has a passing pre-test score (≥ 70%) and can proceed with Orientation to Support, a 6th Edition Instructor Manual must be made available for the Candidate’s use during the Orienting to Support Learner Course presentation. S.T.A.B.L.E. strongly recommends that the Candidate owns their own Instructor Manual so that they may take notes in the manual and have it available whenever they teach.

Therefore, please allow enough time to order and receive, the Instructor Manual before the Learner course date. Ideally the Instructor candidate has an opportunity to read the Instructor Manual prior to the orientation Learner course.

During the registration process, which follows the Learner Course utilized to orient the Support Instructor Candidate to the teaching process, the Candidate will need to verify that they followed along in a 6th Edition Instructor Manual. Therefore, it is important to notify the Candidate of this requirement so they may order their own Instructor Manual if one is not being provided by the institution. Failure to follow along in an Instructor Manual during the “Orientation to Support” Learner Course presentation will result in denial of the registration form.

STEP 4. The Orientation Full-Length Learner Course and Instructor Team Experience

  1. The Candidate must observe an entire full-length Learner course that is presented by an experienced Registered Lead Instructor. Other registered instructors (Lead or Support) may also be involved in the orientation course, but they must also be experienced
    • “Experienced” is defined as expert neonatal instructors who have taught or participated in teaching at least three S.T.A.B.L.E. Learner courses using the most current version of the program (which is the 2013, 6th edition).
    • Note: the Support Instructor Candidate is not involved in teaching during the orientation course. However, they should be involved as much as possible with the course logistics, such as setting up the course, preparing for vignette presentation and testing, and setting up the AV equipment.
  2. While the course is in progress, instruct the Instructor Candidate to follow along in their instructor manual. Ask them to write down any questions that arise during the presentation.
  3. When the course is finished (or prior to the course beginning), take some time to review with the Support Instructor Candidate the information contained in the Instructor Course Packet and Instructor Course Slide Presentation that you (the Lead Instructor) received at your National S.T.A.B.L.E. Instructor course.
  4. Review your institution’s plan for S.T.A.B.L.E. program implementation as well as any other pertinent items pertaining to the Support instructor’s involvement with the S.T.A.B.L.E. Program.
  5. Once this process has been completed, complete the On-Line Student Roster and mark “Orientation to Support Instructor” when adding the student’s name. To be eligible for Instructor registration, there MUST be a passing pre-test score (70% or higher) and a passing mixed module score (0, 1 or 2 wrong on the first try) as outlined above.
  6. In addition to the standard notification that the roster was approved, you will receive a Support Instructor Registration form. Upon receipt of this form:
    • Ask the Support Instructor Candidate to complete their part of the registration form. Be sure the form is legible, and filled out completely, and contains their primary and secondary email address.
    • The Lead instructor responsible for “training” the Support Instructor must also verify the training process was followed and sign the registration form. Be sure to include the student’s pre-test and mixed module post-test scores.
  7. MAIL or FAX the original registration form to the S.T.A.B.L.E. office with a copy of the Learner Course Roster.
  8. When approved by the Roster Administrator, the Support Instructor will receive an email with instructions for logging into the on-line roster and downloading their Instructor card.
  9. If S.T.A.B.L.E. Roster Administrator determines that there is a problem with the Support Instructor’s candidacy, the submitting Lead instructor will be notified. S.T.A.B.L.E. will determine whether a Learner course completion card is more appropriate for the candidate.

For any questions, please contact The S.T.A.B.L.E. Program Administration staff: Mason Meinhold or Beth St. Thomas at 1-435-655-8171.