August 14, 2016

“I have taught The STABLE program now since 1999. It was used for new grads, and other areas. All have loved the program. I will be teaching again in other countries.” Linda MacKenna Ikuta, CNS Neonatal CNS Packard Children’s Hospital San Jose, California

By Linda MacKenna Ikuta, CNS

November 16, 2014

“I became a STABLE instructor in September 2012 and started teaching in April 2013. I teach the nurses in the maternal child division. Postpartum, L&D and pediatric nurses attend the class. I have received nothing but accolades regarding this program. It is now a requirement at this institution to complete the STABLE program. The post […]

By Maureen P Samuels, RN

August 04, 2014

“I am a Lead instructor for STABLE since 2009. I teach/train so many different programs but I have to say STABLE is one of my favorite to teach. I think it is because I get such overwhelming great feedback and then later in the hospital I see the nurses applying the information. Awesome!” Dina Tulenko, […]

By Dina Tulenko, NNP

April 05, 2012

“I attended a post graduate course conducted by the Philippine Newborn Society where they incorporated the STABLE program. It’s actually the first time I heard about it, and that was the reason why I made a point to attend the said post graduate course. As Head Nurse of Pediatric Wing we cater preterm infants delivered […]

By Dionesio V. Hermosa, Jr, RN

November 30, 2010

“Everyone who has attended class leaves feeling enlightened with information that helps them in their day to day practice. It always amazes me the difference in student attitudes from the time they come to class and I hear them say they will never use this information, they just work normal newborn nursery..not NICU….BIG difference when […]

By Kristyn W Steedley, RN

March 20, 2010

“I taught the STABLE Program in Kigali, Rwanda in east central Africa this past October at King Faisal Hospital. I had 22 students who were NICU nurses, residents, ICU nurses, midwives, and ER nurses. It was a very humbling experience to find students who were so utterly engaged in the class and so eager to […]

By Sherri Brown, RN

February 24, 2009

“We just returned from Guatemala City where we taught STABLE to approximately 100 RNs and 7 med students. They LOVED the program so much. By the time we were finishing up, other hospitals were calling to ask us to teach them as well. One nurse said that she learned more in the 3 days of […]

By Jill Bauer, RN

November 21, 2008

“The STABLE program is by far my favorite class to teach. The information is organized in an easy to understand way and the slides and vignettes make the ideas practical. As suggested in the instructor class I have added several of my own experiences and always get excellent reviews regarding the “real world” uses of […]

By Faith White, RN

October 03, 2008

“I am a neonatologist practicing at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, MD, and attended the STABLE Instructor course in Banff, Canada this summer. I was incredibly impressed by your program and the beauty of the teaching aides, wound up staying for the cardiac module, which I had originally not signed up for! I was […]

By Andrea Lotze, MD

June 27, 2008

“Teaching STABLE is my favorite thing to do in outreach!! The response that we get everywhere we go is wonderful and we have been told many stories about how the information has made a difference for infants! After almost 25 years as a clinical nurse in NICU, I had a hard time leaving the bedside. […]

By Jill Bauer, RN, BSN