May 23, 2023

I have had the privilege of being a STABLE Lead Instructor since 2010 and have been an NICU Nurse for 41 years now. The NICU is still my passion and, hands down, teaching STABLE has made me a stronger bedside nurse. I am able to better understand the physiology behind the diagnoses and how to talk to the parents of my patients on a level they can understand.

One such case happened this week and I wanted to share this with Kris. I had a 36 weeker who was (true to form) exhibiting respiratory distress symptoms and desaturation episodes while feeding. She was also having occasional borderline temps in a crib. The parents were very insistent that she needed to go home and were doubting the Neonatologist/NNP’s plan of care for her. I heard the parents were challenging and it could be uncomfortable for me given their attitude.

I talked with them at the bedside about their concerns and asked if I could share something with them. They agreed and I opened up the STABLE Program slides and found the one on the Late Preterm Infant.

I explained about this group of neonates and was able to back up my explanation with your wonderful slide! Their demeanor instantly changed and said that they had not heard it explained like this since they were admitted.

We had a great shift together after that! Just one of my many teaching opportunities since being STABLE trained!

Our hospital is really looking forward to the arrival of 7th Ed and I wanted to thank Kris, you and the team for your dedication and expertise in making the program the best there is in Neonatal Education.

Tammy Tucker, BSN, RNC-NIC
Ascension St Vincent’s Birmingham NICU
Birmingham, AL

March 29, 2017

I have been teaching STABLE since 2004 and I do so thoroughly enjoy it.  It was my first step into education, which is now not only my new job, but my passion.  I am traveling throughout Arkansas teaching STABLE to our smaller hospitals, which means I get to not only see my beautiful state, I am meeting new people, and introducing them to this great program.  Arkansas is a lot like Utah, where there a few metropolitan areas with the larger referral NICUs, but most of the rest of the state is rural, so I am now reaching those whom it benefits the most.

Tina C Pennington, BSN, RNC-NIC
Clinical Services Manager -Center for Distance Health
University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences
Little Rock, Arkansas

August 14, 2016

I have taught The STABLE program now since 1999. It was used for new grads, and other areas. All have loved the program. I will be teaching again in other countries.

Linda MacKenna Ikuta, CNS
Neonatal CNS
Packard Children’s Hospital
San Jose, California

November 16, 2014

I became a STABLE instructor in September 2012 and started teaching in April 2013. I teach the nurses in the maternal child division. Postpartum, L&D and pediatric nurses attend the class. I have received nothing but accolades regarding this program. It is now a requirement at this institution to complete the STABLE program. The post evaluations state what each nurse has learned. They come into the program nervous, especially about blood gas interpretation. They all leave learning at least one new thing that they can take back to the bedside and improve their standard of care. The textbook is excellent and easy to read and the presentation with its graphics and animations make the course more interactive. It’s a pleasure to teach this course. Can’t wait to start teaching the cardiac module.

Maureen P. Samuels, RN
New York Methodist Hospital
Brooklyn, New York

August 04, 2014

I am a Lead instructor for STABLE since 2009. I teach/train so many different programs but I have to say STABLE is one of my favorite to teach. I think it is because I get such overwhelming great feedback and then later in the hospital I see the nurses applying the information. Awesome!

Dina Tulenko, NNP
Perinatal Clinical Educator
Phoenix Baptist Hospital
Phoenix, Arizona

April 05, 2012

I attended a post graduate course conducted by the Philippine Newborn Society where they incorporated the STABLE program. It’s actually the first time I heard about it, and that was the reason why I made a point to attend the said post graduate course. As Head Nurse of Pediatric Wing we cater preterm infants delivered outside the hospital and knowledge of this program would enhance our skills in the care of Newborn…It’s indeed a great help on our part. I shall have an echo for this program later this month…

– Dionesio V. Hermosa, Jr, RN
Brokenshire Memorial Hospital
Davao City, Philippines

November 30, 2010

Everyone who has attended class leaves feeling enlightened with information that helps them in their day to day practice. It always amazes me the difference in student attitudes from the time they come to class and I hear them say they will never use this information, they just work normal newborn nursery..not NICU….BIG difference when they leave the class saying they are amazed and feel better equipped with the knowledge necessary to provide excellent care for newborns. The book is well written and the presentation is so helpful with the graphics, etc. Thank-you!

Kristyn W Steedley, RN
S.T.A.B.L.E. Lead Instructor
Ogden Regional Medical Center
Ogden, Utah

March 20, 2010

I taught the STABLE Program in Kigali, Rwanda in east central Africa this past October at King Faisal Hospital. I had 22 students who were NICU nurses, residents, ICU nurses, midwives, and ER nurses. It was a very humbling experience to find students who were so utterly engaged in the class and so eager to learn! And how rewarding it was to be a part of bringing STABLE to healthcare providers in another country! I will be returning to Rwanda in July 2010 to teach STABLE again.

Sherri Brown, RN
The University of Kansas Hospital
Kansas City, Kansas

February 24, 2009

“We just returned from Guatemala City where we taught STABLE to approximately 100 RNs and 7 med students. They LOVED the program so much. By the time we were finishing up, other hospitals were calling to ask us to teach them as well. One nurse said that she learned more in the 3 days of STABLE than she did in 17 years in Guatemala working at the hospital and seeking nursing education. It was so exciting. We are planning within the next 6 months or so to have the program broadcast by ITV across areas of Guatemala because of the requests. Abbott formula company is sponsoring. Thank you for putting together such a quality program that is making such a difference. I am excited to see the impact over the next years as we return to Guatemala! I would have loved for you to see the excitement in the nurses when they first finally understood how to read blood gasses!! “

Jill Bauer, RN
Neonatal Outreach Nurse
Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN

November 21, 2008

The STABLE program is by far my favorite class to teach. The information is organized in an easy to understand way and the slides and vignettes make the ideas practical. As suggested in the instructor class I have added several of my own experiences and always get excellent reviews regarding the “real world” uses of this information.

Faith White, RN
Flight Nurse – MedCenter Air
Carolinas Medical Center
Charlotte, NC