My name is Heather Laubmeier RN BSN. I have been a Level III NICU RN for 12 years here in Phoenix Arizona. I contacted you via email last year with the interest of your program. Today I attended the program and all I can say is AWESOME JOB. Your information, format, organization, education and dedication to this program is incredible. The information and education given is very beneficial. I hope you know that even though you may not have direct hands on with the babies of our NICU, the information given will benefit so many little people in the care we are able to give to them. Thank you!!!!!!!!! In July the others from my NICU will be attending the class. I am so excited for others to experience this class. I have always been very involved with the education of our NICU and plan on becoming a Lead Instructor of your program. Once again, THANK YOU for all you do.

Heather Laubmeier, RN
Phoenix, Arizona