“We just returned from Guatemala City where we taught STABLE to approximately 100 RNs and 7 med students. They LOVED the program so much. By the time we were finishing up, other hospitals were calling to ask us to teach them as well. One nurse said that she learned more in the 3 days of STABLE than she did in 17 years in Guatemala working at the hospital and seeking nursing education. It was so exciting. We are planning within the next 6 months or so to have the program broadcast by ITV across areas of Guatemala because of the requests. Abbott formula company is sponsoring. Thank you for putting together such a quality program that is making such a difference. I am excited to see the impact over the next years as we return to Guatemala! I would have loved for you to see the excitement in the nurses when they first finally understood how to read blood gasses!! “

Jill Bauer, RN
Neonatal Outreach Nurse
Children’s Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN