I have had the privilege of being a STABLE Lead Instructor since 2010 and have been an NICU Nurse for 41 years now. The NICU is still my passion and, hands down, teaching STABLE has made me a stronger bedside nurse. I am able to better understand the physiology behind the diagnoses and how to talk to the parents of my patients on a level they can understand.

One such case happened this week and I wanted to share this with Kris. I had a 36 weeker who was (true to form) exhibiting respiratory distress symptoms and desaturation episodes while feeding. She was also having occasional borderline temps in a crib. The parents were very insistent that she needed to go home and were doubting the Neonatologist/NNP’s plan of care for her. I heard the parents were challenging and it could be uncomfortable for me given their attitude.

I talked with them at the bedside about their concerns and asked if I could share something with them. They agreed and I opened up the STABLE Program slides and found the one on the Late Preterm Infant.

I explained about this group of neonates and was able to back up my explanation with your wonderful slide! Their demeanor instantly changed and said that they had not heard it explained like this since they were admitted.

We had a great shift together after that! Just one of my many teaching opportunities since being STABLE trained!

Our hospital is really looking forward to the arrival of 7th Ed and I wanted to thank Kris, you and the team for your dedication and expertise in making the program the best there is in Neonatal Education.

Tammy Tucker, BSN, RNC-NIC
Ascension St Vincent’s Birmingham NICU
Birmingham, AL