I am a neonatologist practicing at Holy Cross Hospital in Silver Spring, MD, and attended the STABLE Instructor course in Banff, Canada this summer. I was incredibly impressed by your program and the beauty of the teaching aides, wound up staying for the cardiac module, which I had originally not signed up for! I was astounded by how understandable the cardiac module was, and loved the dynamic slides!! I left Banff feeling truly inspired and well-prepared to share what I had learned with others. I am traveling to India in January to visit the Institute for Child Health in Kolkata. Several of their physicians visited here over this summer and we spoke about your STABLE Program. They were very interested – since they are expanding their neonatal unit and I would like to introduce the program to them when I visit –  I think there is great potential for use of STABLE in other countries developing neonatal stabilization programs. Thank you so much for your wonderful work.

Andrea Lotze, MD
Community Neonatal Associates
Silver Spring, MD